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SmartValve Hardware

We`re optimizing chilled and heating water systems with patented hardware technologythat delivers industry-best efficiency, performance, and reliability.

BAS integration;

Calculate ∆T, Flow, BTUs;

Control Modes

Rotation Sensor;

1000:1 Turndown

Control Surface;

Pressure Regulator

Reference Pressure Sensor;

Leaving Water Temperature Sensor;

Outlet Pressure Sensor

A Closer Look

System Stability

SmartValves have an unmatched level of precision, with the ability to maintain ± 0.1˚ coil leaving air temperature.

Pressure Independent

Control the flow independent of differential pressure. SmartValves eliminate flow variation due to pressure fluctuations in the system.

Energy Efficiency

Minimize energy costs by maximizing energy efficiency with high, guaranteed ∆T. SmartValves deliver peak performance at all load conditions.

Full Range Control

Modulate flow with 100:1 turndown. 90% of valve operation is spent below 50% and thus accurate control at low flow is vital.


Calculate Energy BTUs with SmartValve telemetry that includes air and waterside sensors for temperature, humidity, flow rate, and pressure.

Cloud Connectivity

SmartValves are securely connected to the Internet, expanding capabilities for monitoring, control, and optimization.

Surge Software Platform