We believe in solving the root cause.

Our solutions improve the existing comfort system and reduce demand, enabling customers to save energy costs and increase system capacity.

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FlowEnergy Model

FlowEnergy's expertise and technology help you uncover opportunities that are operationally efficient, fiscally responsible and environmentally sustainable. Our innovative approach blends precision control hardware, energy intelligence software, and strategic services.

Precision Control


Optimize system performance with revolutionary SmartValve technology that attains an unmatched level of precision. Minimize energy costs and maximize energy efficiency with high ∆T. SmartValves deliver peak performance at all load conditions.

Energy Intelligence

Surge Software Platform

Gain visibility and understanding of cooling and heating systems with insightful reports on energy performance. Empower facilities teams with sophisticated diagnostic tools and equipment monitoring using 1-minute data resolution.

Strategic Services

System Modeling & Optimization

Operating and capital savings are maximized by viewing components as a system. To gain a thorough understanding, our engineers perform site surveys, data analysis and modeling to identify modifications required to optimize existing building assets.

Demand Side Optimization

The best energy efficiency strategies start with reducing demand. Our optimization process uses SmartValves to reduce demand for chilled water throughout the entire system. SmartValves correct the instabilities at each air-handling unit and the system stability makes everything settle down.

Surge monitors chilled water usage at individual air-handlers to identify when the cooling load is more than it should be. Reducing demand lets you serve more with the same infrastructure, saving customers millions in deferred capital. We provide these financial benefits while improving occupant comfort.

Plant Optimization

Producing the chilled water needed to cool buildings is an extremely energy intensive process. When demand side waste has been eliminated, the production system can be optimized to take advantage of FlowEnergy’s technology.

Whether improving existing control strategies or implementing new processes to harvest additional savings, our experts work closely with you to decide what is best. Our customers recover capacity that is urgently needed for growing their business.

Ongoing Optimization

An energy efficiency solution needs to be sustainable and the Surge software platform is a powerful tool to persist savings. Surge is a cloud-based product that provides easy-to-use reports for real-time and historical data analysis. Our engineers rely extensively on Surge for demand side and plant optimization. Post-project, we believe the continuous monitoring of the HVAC system will provide better performance, lower costs, improved comfort, and assist with maintenance activities.